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14 September 2007 @ 01:21 am
The light of the last explosion has long faded, but a few hours still remain before the portal will reopen.  A few miles from the celebratory bonfire, a flashlight illuminates the empty bigtop of a county fair.  There, the trapeze traces a long shadowed arc on the wall.  The artist possesses a daredevil grace; double somersault, inverted release, a difficult one handed catch. 

The one-man audience applauds, rosin flying from white gloves.  "Bravo!  But now it is, I think, my turn."

Double somersault; pike flip, double, no, triple-- and he can't possibly catch it now, he's falling--


Dick Grayson grins.  "Oh, now... that's just cheating." 
07 January 2006 @ 05:35 pm
There's nothing like a good old fashioned Indiana Jones dungeon crawl.
Between them, Shepherd and McKay (plus the local chick) make one Indy. In sort of the same way that Jackson and O'Neill made an Indy, only that Jackson was *actually* an archaeologist, so... anyway. The point is that this had exactly the twist on it that gives the Stargate franchise its unique flavor and advantage over other such dungeon crawls in general: the U.S. Military. If this were an Indiana Jones flick, then the rival treasure-seekers holding you at gunpoint while you retrieve the artifact? They walk away with the artifact (although not your hat), and you run for it, barely escaping. The treasure-seeker rivals holding the U.S. Military SG team members at gunpoint? They're gonna get caught in your flashbang and face semiautomatic US ordnance. Ah, it's beautiful. It's like a genre clash that manages to work-- so totally out of place, so totally practical. It's like someone watching TV and saying, "a whip? Psht. Now, if that was me, I'd have an A.K. 47 and a back-up black ops team waiting on radio." Heh.

And for me, that sort of defines what keeps Stargate from being silliness in the same vein as all the other silliness. Indy with a black ops squad. Stargate, sine qua non.
04 December 2005 @ 02:18 am
OK, it's late, but I need to get this out of my system so that I can sleep tonight. Zula! I *knew* she was going to come back into it! Great ending! Just enough resolution to not piss us off; just enough cliff to make us cackle in delight.

There were so many things I loved-- LOVED. And I have to say things because I see the episodes so much later than anyone else that I can't discuss them on the main threads, though I wish I could, and everything I want to say has probably been said, but I want to say it.

1)I love the spirit world! And the face-stealer! Shades of Phantom Tollbooth; shades of No-Face. Aang was very mature. Go Aang.

2)Speaking of no-face: the giant Fish-Moon Monster was fabulous-- and really, really reminiscent of the Forest Spirit in Mononoke Hime (blue glowy outline, check; ponderous, powerful movements, check; Do Not Want To Piss It Off, check; weird tribal-ish creepy design, check.) I'm calling a definite influence here, and a *definite* good call.

3) Yue-- I didn't like her; but now I like her. It turned out to be a wonderful fairy tale in the middle of the battle; glorious.

4)Speaking of things that were oozing mythological import: Zhao "I killed the moon!" craziness! That... that so ruled! I kept thinking, "What is this, Tenkaichi Budokai? Is he going to blow up the moon?" but then it was a cool fairytale spirit world thing and the bloodred moon, and Zhao cavorting over the domain of his created oblivion-- like Gollum on the brink of Mount Doom-- like Magg with the iron crown in Lloyd Alexander's "The High King": "Magg! Magg the Deathless! Magg the Magnificent!" ...and Iroh.

5)I love Iroh. I have always loved Iroh. Iroh taking on *Zhao*. This, of all, is the fight I had most wanted to see. They're the balance of the fire bending paths; the quiet mastery that is so confident that it has no need for pretense-- the seething, uncontrolled power that bears itself in pomposity and overcompensation. I *needed* to see Iroh showing Zhao his *place*. Though I can understand why the grudge match went to Zuko in the end-- I begrudge this a bit. Iroh kicks the bendery ass.

6)Speaking of kicking the bendery ass-- Oh my fucking GOD Katara PWNED Zuko. That I did NOT see coming. That was *beautiful*. When the three of them stand at the end of the episode-- Aang after his spirit world triumph, Katara with her new power, Sokka and the new emotional adulthood of his fling with Yue-- I couldn't help but be impressed at how much they have grown. Sokka proves his cleverness every episode; Katara has gained the ability to fight that she needed; Aang is learning to return to his responsibilities. It reminded me of the Naruto 3-man teams, actually; I have the feeling that, by the end, these three will be the Sennin. Equivalent. Anyway. They kick ass in a team-like fashion.
...And did I mention that Katara pwned *ZUKO*??? Now *that's* ground for 'shipping.

7)And speaking of character growth.
Did I not? Did I *not* fic Zuko capturing Aang and running along with him piggy-backed.
(Ok, the show did it a lot better than I did... ;D )
But this went exactly where I saw Zuko going: he's thinking. He's lying on the boat and Iroh's asking him why he's not pursuing the Avatar: and you can tell he's thinking. He's weighing his options. He's finding out how shaky his ground is. He's realizing that you can't just go and go; that only turns you into Zhao, next thing you know you're destroying the moon, the guy you thought you killed is kicking your ass, and a giant spirit hand drowns you in a polar icecap.

8)Which brings us back to Zula.

I love the women in this show.
This is something that Japanese shows, with the exception of Utena, NEVER GET RIGHT.
01 December 2005 @ 12:52 am
All right, so this is WAYYY behind the curve, but it suddenly occurred to me that there are One Piece *movies* (!)-- I'll admit that dling all those darkeyedwolf screenshots tempted me here, as I have this general idea that summer movies based on anime series tend to suck (this is generally true)-- but. *Attached* to the movie was Jango's Dance Carnival!

I love the Jango's Dance Paradise sidestory in the manga... and this is not that, but. But. I'm addicted to this 5-minute short. Hypnotised, one might say. It's like a big number in a musical. Or "Thriller". ( Only happy, and with less monsters and more J-pop.) And Zoro dancing :o .
ohhh, the love. I'm sending it to friends who don't watch OP. So far, no comments from them!

I love Numbers. I love choreography. It is the source of my love of Martial Arts as an entertainment genre. I love beautiful and/or cool-looking motions.
...I want to dance now. Lurve.
02 November 2005 @ 12:36 am
I have only rarely seen an anime that has fandom going to pieces over all sorts of different pairings. Pairings all over the place! Got a character and another character? Pair 'em! After all, there is no reallllly well-established canon pair!
'ship the Ship!Collapse )
31 October 2005 @ 10:50 pm
I, um... made this icon. I think it's pretty. I don't think anyone else loves Sogeking as much as I do, and I'm suffering because nobody I actually like to talk to has read as far into One Piece as I have. ALAS.

But, well. I can post here. Even if like 2 ppl read this journal, and I don't know that any are worshipful One Piece fanatics like me.
22 October 2005 @ 08:55 pm
This one took over my life last night. Features Iroh, Zuko, and Aang. Apologies if there are typos, it's quite new. Comments welcome :)

ChildrenCollapse )
16 October 2005 @ 12:49 am
A little Shika-fic.

After The MissionCollapse )
16 October 2005 @ 12:44 am
As you may notice, there is nothing here, and there is no-one friended.

That is because this journal is brand spankin' new. But I didn't want you to feel unloved.
Please come back later!